The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

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I am SO excited to let you know that I will be participating once again in The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap! When I was blogging as The Bold Baker I had participated in this swap for 3 years prior to this one! If i’m being totally honest with you, I look forward to this all year. All the more reason to start my very own website, so I am happy to participate this year as liveloveBAKE!

In case you were wondering what this is all about, bloggers from all over the the world can participate! But you only swap with other bloggers in your country. You receive the names and addresses of 3 other active food bloggers and have until early December to ship your cookies! I’ve mainly sent my cookies to Ontario, but a couple times to Quebec, Alberta, and even within my province of British Columbia! I’ve received all sorts of different cookies, and what’s great is on December 16th all the bloggers post their cookie recipe! So if you had received a cookie that was outstanding or super creative you can snag that recipe and add it to your own collection. I have also found that many bloggers post photos of the cookies they received too, so i’ll be sure to do that this year!

For more information on this year’s Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap go to¬†


Blueberry Scones


People think i’m crazy because I don’t like summer, that I prefer fall and winter. Growing up in Vancouver I have been exposed to extreme weather conditions, lets face it our weather is bi-polar. I’ve worn shorts in February and boots in July, makes total sense right? I prefer the colder months because I enjoy layers upon layers. Socks, scarves, boots, cardigans, you name it I own it. The only thing I can say that I enjoy about summer is the fact that it brings us local fruit you can’t grow in the winter out this way. Like BLUEBERRIES!


I’ll be the first person to admit that I actually don’t care for blueberries, I’d much prefer to grab a handful of cherries. BUT these blueberry scones even have me wanting more. These scones remind me of the ones my mom used to buy from Costco when I was little, where I used to pick the blueberries out because I only wanted the flavour from the berry.

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